DesignApps Inc Releases WebProActive 30

DesignApps, Inc., a leading provider of hosted Website Management technology and services, announces the release of WebProActive 3.0. WebProActive is DesignApps’ response to the growing demand for a flexible, user-friendly, and cost-effective Web Content Management platform. The unique browser-based software puts content and design publishing in the hands of the user, regardless of their technical background. Free promotional use of this cutting-edge technology is available, and anyone wishing to develop and manage their own website, blog and/or RSS news feed can go to to sign up.

Targeting (but not limited to) web content editors and developers of small to moderate businesses, WebProActive provides the framework, database and easy-to-use interface needed to manage a website easily, quickly and affordably. The unique quality of being able to administer the content of a site without costly outsourcing is key in allowing small businesses to level the eCommerce playing field with Las Vegas SEO. With this hosted solution, a business chooses the level of service needed, and then accesses the account over the Internet. Application maintenance, upgrades, backups and security are handled entirely by DesignApps, so the most difficult part of the equation falls on the provider, while the client enjoys extra time and resources to focus on site content.

Additionally, WebProActive facilitates broadened online communications between clients, prospective customers, and partners, and to prove it, anyone wishing to invite others to enjoy the promotional version is encouraged to do so. Users of the new suite will be able to create and maintain advanced online channels, including ‘Collection and Query’ data (forms, surveys, etc.), online newsletters, website-traffic data, and various ‘Dynamic Content’ (RSS news feeds, Blogs, press releases, product info, banner ads, etc.). The beauty and muscle of WebProActive lies in the combination of easily managing outgoing web content, and gleaning the vital, incoming data.

Founded in 2000, DesignApps, Inc. is a Web Content Management (WCM) software and services company. The company’s goal is to add value to small/moderate businesses by helping them improve their online performance. This is achieved by providing customers with technology and services that cost-effectively create, manage, and profit their eBusiness ventures.